Minimum requirements for a poor credit auto loan -- and some useful advice

Minimum Requirements

Our loans cover all makes and models and are available in every state in the U.S.

To qualify for financing from the Auto Loan Doctor:

• you must have at least $1,800 in gross monthly income

• you must be a US resident of legal age (over 18)

• you must have no current bankruptcies

• you must not have had a repossession in the last 12 months.

At this time, the Auto Loan Doctor cannot offer auto title loans or financing for private sales between individuals (all vehicles must be obtained through our nationwide dealer network).

We Believe In Happy Customers -- And Want You As Our Next One

If you meet our minimum requirements, listed at left, please feel to apply right now. However:

Don't even think about going car shopping without knowing your credit score. That's not only so 90s, it can cost you money. You can get a free credit report here.

Second, if you've been turned down and are just going from Web site to Web site hoping for an approval STOP DOING THAT. Every rejection pulls your credit score lower.

When you get to the dealer focus on the cost of the car and not the
monthly payment. Any monthly payment can be made to fit your budget if
the loan is stretched out long enough. Some dealers are now offering
seven year auto loans, and financial experts are starting to howl
(because you'll almost always wind up being upside down in
the loan, that is, owing more than the car is worth).

Finally, there's plenty of research out there on the best
cars for bad credit customers
and best cars for around
. The more you know, the more you can save.

So thanks for visiting, and if you want your sick credit
to start improving, click here for an online auto loan.

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